Email Feedback: "Assigned to You" buries the lede


I’ve been using Asana for 6 months and I really enjoy it.

Two points of feedback, one minor and one major, are emails.

  1. When a team member leaves a comment in an Asana task (our main form of communication) the email headline reads “Assigned to You…” and doesn’t mention the comment until Gmail runs out of characters. The same goes for “Changed the Due Date.” These emails shouldn’t begin with “Assigned to You” as it hides the cause of the notification – that you received a comment you need to respond to.

Asana generates a lot of emails, some critical, many not. It’s almost impossible to learn about a comment notification without launching and scanning each and every “Assigned to You” emails.

PLEASE, update this notification so it tells you that you have a comment in Asana.

  1. Way less important, there’s some sort of “Asana Daily Activity” email that I’d love to opt out of, but (as near as I can tell) I cannot opt out of it without opting out of all of the other notifications (which are the only way I know that something’s happening with a project).


Welcome to the Forum @John_Ryan and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

I was able to find some existing threads regarding the topics you have touched based here. I’m listing them below and I would encourage you to cast your vote and comment to each of them.

Regarding your second point, I can confirm that you can toggle your “Daily Summary emails” off and still receive your Activity updates and weekly reports emails. To do so, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click your profile photo in the top bar and select Profile Settings
  2. Navigate to the Notifications tab
  3. Uncheck the Daily summaries box to toggle these email notifications off

I hope it helps John! Please note I’m closing this thread to avoid duplications. I hope it’s OK!

Have a great day :slight_smile: