Task notifications in Inbox

It seems that suddenly I am getting an Inbox notification for all upcoming tasks when a specific due time is set. Has something changed in the asana programming. Can I turn this off in my settings? If yes, appreciate instructions on this. See attached image.

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This is an A/B test that I’m afraid you can’t opt out of. Typically these run for a period of time, then they are evaluated to determine their ultimate fate. A permanent update will be announced in the Forum, if that happens.



Larry, thanks very much for the insight. I’m okay to be a guinea pig, and will give thought to the usefulness of this potential feature. That said, Asana, if you’re listening….it would be nice to be notified when you do something like this. I wasted time looking thru all my settings trying to understand how I had turned this feature on when all along it was you!!


Same here, i find it really anoying (and also wasted some time figuring out ideas to turn it off). Anyway, thanks @Chris_Harris2

speaking of a/b: how would asana understand that i don’t like notifications?

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For what it’s worth, I feel like these tasks notifications in the inbox are redundant with the Tasks Tab and make extra work for me to clear out.

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