How to stop other people from checking "Complete" on my tasks

I have a few well meaning, otherwise intelligent team members who have a bad habit of marking my tasks complete if I have tagged them in that task to ask them a question related to that task.

They answer the question (sometimes in person) and then mark it complete.

The MAIN solution is proper training and a friendly conversation, but I’ve found this issue to be recurring when anyone new is signed up on the company.

Would be so much easier if there is a way of preventing anyone except the task assignee from marking it complete.

Can this be done as a default setting?


Hi @Matt5 :wave:t5: Thank you for reaching out!

As it stands, there isn’t a feature to prevent other users to complete tasks that have been assign to you. There is a popular thread in the #productfeedback category regarding this topic: Asana User Permissions. If you haven’t yet, I would recommend you to have a look and upvote it.

As a workaround, you could create subtasks to interact with your colleagues. You can assign these subtasks to your colleagues and once they complete their part of the task, they can mark the subtask as complete but the parent task, assign to you, remains as incomplete.

I hope this helps @Matt5 :slight_smile:

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I’m relieved to hear we’re not the only ones struggling with what should be a very simple step in the process! For my group it tends to the technologically challenged that just can’t grasp the theory of how this is supposed to work! Though there are times when I think it’s just people not thinking! I’ll upvote the topic and suggest the only one who can mark a task complete is the person who created it or the person it’s assigned to.