Allowing only one person on a team to mark tasks complete

I’m having trouble with a certain user marking tasks completed by accident. First, I really wish you’d give the ability to set permission levels where a user can or can’t do this or other thing. The task is assigned to them, but is managed by an ops person so only the ops person should be marking it complete. Is there a better way to do this than what I’m about to describe?

What we are trying to do is create a rule such that (if task is marked complete and assignee is NOT OPSMANAGER) {then mark task uncomplete}

It seems there is no negative operation in the triggers though, so I can only mark it by who it IS assigned to. This is not optimal. Asana has so much potential, but for some reason there seems to be reluctance to install features community members are asking for to allow them to run their operations more efficiently.

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Hi @Matt_Hoppes , you are right, there isn’t a rule to support ‘if not [this] assignee’ but you could create a rule that if the task is assigned to your ‘certain user’ and they mark it complete, then mark incomplete as per below (‘George’ below is your certain user).

Otherwise, if this user only needs to comment on a task and not change anything else (such as assignee, due date, custom fields, mark complete etc.) then you could set their permission level in the project to just Comment only.

Hi @Matt_Hoppes

I just did some tests and with 3 rules and a custom field, it is possible to do what you want.
In fact it is necessary that if a task is validated then it passes in a status to be approved by the manager, and the task is marked incompleted and assigned to the manager. And another rule detects that a validated task is already at the manager and avoid the passage through the validation.

Do you see what I mean?


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Sure… but what if I 50 users? Now I’m creating the rule 50 times and have to remember to create it when we onboard someone new? The fact there is no negative (if not) rule is astounding.

Well you mentioned a certain user and therefore my suggestion was based on that. You could try @Julien_RENAUD 's suggestion too.

But I agree that it would obviously be useful for rules in Asana to be able to support your request.

I completely agree that a NO rule would be very useful, no doubt about it.

I would not have proposed such an impractical solution if I had to add new rules for each user.
My solution does not require 1 rule per user. You should not try to detect each user, but rather detect the manager. And so with 3 rules it is possible to do what you want, with 1 manager and no matter how many members in his team.