Tasks that should not be marked complete, or locked. "Sticky" tasks

Team, I feel like I’ve seen this conversation before but cannot find it.

Our company uses a LOT of tasks and subtasks as discussion and information threads. We use them to upload pictures, etc.

We’ve had a long-term problem of people (especially on-boarders) accidentally marking them complete. This can happen in any various numbers of ways, but frequently just tagging someone “Hey Bill, look at these beautiful pictures of the completed installation!” sets Bill up for marking that task complete by accident.

I think we’d be benefit greatly from having a way of locking a task so that nobody can mark it complete except for certain people (such as the creator of the task or an Admin). Having a popup warning that says “task can only be marked complete by Admin” would be helpful, if they try to mark it complete.

Hi @Matt5 the comment only function on the project will stop people marking complete tasks that are not assigned to them - could that work or are they the assignee?

Not really. I need them to be able to mark other items complete that might be in the same project.

Honestly it would also be nice if there were a visual cue added to the title that indicated something was either a “sticky” task or similar. I have several projects that about half “sticky” topics and half actionable tasks.

The comment only allows them to mark complete any task assigned to them only. But they need to be able to mark complete tasks not assigned to them but not others?

Correct, there are some tasks that are unassigned because we don’t know what person will be asked to do that task.

For example, if you’re a supervisor on a jobsite (which has a parent task) and make a checklist of 15 things (subtasks) that need done, and 1 subtask that is for daily pictures of the jobsite. You don’t know which technicians you’re going to be sending to this jobsite on any given day, but you’re going to ask them to work on the checklists, and then upload pictures at the end of the day to the pictures subtasks.

I need anyone on that jobsite to be able to mark those 15 subtasks complete when they are done, but not that one for pictures.

Another point to keep in mind, a lot of companies like ourselves employ a LOT of people very skilled with their hands but will only ever interact with Asana on a mobile device, and they never really get a good grasp on just how we use Asana. Some people just never seem to “get it”, despite being phenomenal skilled workers regarding the things they do that actually bring profit.

This is one thing I think Asana has a slight weakness at. As incredible as the product is, it’s easy to forget that probably half the users at many companies are not going to be very software-savvy. Especially mobile users. People like myself that are our company’s Asana admin need tools like this to help less-savvy users be more effective.

Hi @Matt5 thanks for the further information that makes more sense now. Do they need access to the main task at all? Like the information contain within there to reference.

If not the only way I could see it working is if the subtasks were multihomed into a team sprint/inbox project so they can access it and mark them complete but the main task isnt

How are you going to multi home those subtasks easily, especially from a mobile device?

Hi @Matt5 either with a rule or task templates but that depends on if the initial task is made on mobile

Hi @Matt5

I use a thumbtack emoji for tasks like these!