Is there a way to limit who can mark a task as completed?

I am wondering if there is a way to limit who can mark things as completed?

Say I want to have a task for Person A to meet with Person B. Person A is responsible for completing the task, but within that task there are subtasks for Person B to address before the task is completed.

How can I make it so the subtasks can only be marked as completed by Person B? (To prevent Person A from marking the subtasks as completed).


There isn’t a way to do this in Asana. You can tell if someone else is closing the tasks in the task’s history.

Some training and establishment of norms might help. I’d never consider closing a sub-task assigned to another person, even if it was in one of my tasks.

Asana doesn’t put too many limitations on how the software operates to let things stay open and flexible. Initially this really bothered me. But when I started to look at Asana as a guide for getting work done instead of a business rules intensive ticketing system, it started to make a lot more sense and now I’m usually grateful for it. My team establishes norms frequently on how we’d like to operate in Asana and we enforce the business rules on ourselves and hold each other to them.