Assigning one task to multiple people

To be clear, i don’t want to have multiple people assigned to one task.
but i want to be able to create 1 task… and it automatically duplicate and assign to multiple people.

it is a common occurrence in my team that we have an item set as an activity in the team meeting that we must all do, say “Read Book A”. Currently Someone has to create the task “Read Book A” and duplicate it X times and then assign to all the people in the team so everyone has the task in their queue. Would be great to have a feature where we create the task once, add in multiple people and multiple duplicates generate for those people.

Hi @Becky_Manson ,

I believe this is already supported; if you go to assign a task, a button should appear at the bottom of your user list saying Assign to multiple people. If you click that, you can add a list of people and a duplicate task will be created for each of them.

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Hi @Stephen_Li , Is there any way to track tbh comments or logs the amount of tasks created if, for example, I assigned a team and not individual people?

Hi @Ziv_Solomon ,

Welcome to the forum! To my knowledge, this isn’t possible natively. That said, there are some workarounds you could consider:

  1. If you add a custom field to the project or use a unique tag on the originating task, you can run a report that performs a count for tasks with that field value/tag.
  2. If you have a unique name for the original task, you could save a filtered search of that specific term (I think some people use emojis for this purpose with great success).


I recommend a parent task to single-source the actual task info, then use the Assign Duplicates functionality in subtasks. I explained that here:



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Thanks @Stephen_Li - never noticed this before but this is ging to REVOLUTIONIZE my asana use haha!

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