Assigning multiple people to a task

I assigned 1 task to a team, then it created a task for each person… Which… okay could work. But if that person comments or adds a description on their task, will it update on the 1st one that was created? Is there not another way to assign tasks to multiple people?

Hi @tori7 , no it won’t because you have essentially created multiple tasks, one for each pwrson of the team, each with their own comments and activity log.

There isn’t another way to assign a task to multiple members of a team, other than the way you seem to have discovered.

Okay, well that doesn’t work for us unfortunately. Esp since comments, descriptions don’t update. That’s frustrating.


What I always do in this case is described here:

Essentially, it’s using Assign Duplicates, but unlike your usage, I do that for a subtask, not the parent task.

So, make a task to single-source all the info related to the task you’ll be multiply assigning, putting links and any other info in that task’s description and noting that all should use this task’s comment thread for comments.

Then make a model subtask of this task with just a title like, “Do such and such; see parent task for details.” Descend into that subtask so it’s visible in the task detail pane. Click Assignee > Assign Duplicates and enter your team or multiple individuals.




Thank you. We have tried the subtask thing, but when we filter each project by assignee it doesn’t bring up that subtask in the filter, sort or groupings which is a huge issue.

You can make the model subtask be a member of the project with Tab+P or “…” menu > Add to project. Then all the auto-assigned/created subtasks will be in the project too.

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