How do you make Asana tasks show up on Outlook Calendar?

Hi there,

New Asana user here, sorry if the question has been asked millions of times already…

I’m struggling to sync Asana tasks with my Outlook calendar in a way which is not to download the .ics file every single time (obviously not ideal) but more organically, like other project management tools allow you to do.
I’ve created a Calendar “project” and would love to be able to simply add tasks with due dates and for them to show up on my Outlook calendar too automatically.

Is that possible? Is anyone able to explain how to do so?


Hi @Tom_Pelini and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:

You should be able to sync your calendar project with Outlook following these steps: Sync Asana + Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Hope this helps!

Would love to make an extended request - the calendar displays the task name and due date and a link to the Asana task, how can I add key fields to display in the Outlook appt?