Asana Tasks to Outlook Calendar?

I have used the Outlook instructions that are shown here, with the idea of having “My Tasks” appear on my Outlook calendar: Sync Asana + Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

It works from the perspective that it creates another calendar in Outlook, and creates “all day” events that match the original Asana tasks.

But once created using the instructions above, is the Outlook calendar automatically updated when new tasks are assigned to me, with a due date? Or is the link a static, one time only thing (which would dramatically lessen the utility of this integration)?

Hi @dean.clough :wave:t3: Outlook will automatically update your new tasks, however bear in mind the update might not be instant. These updates are performed by Outlook, and we’re unfortunately not able to control their frequency!

Hope this helps!

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My company uses Outlook 2016 on Exchange, and adding an Asana calendar via clicking the link image
creates a calendar that does not refresh or update at all. Instead, go into Account Settings > Internet Calendar tab > New and then paste the link.

Once added, there’s an option on refresh times.

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Hi there,

I synced Asana to my outlook calendar, but it now shows my tasks double in Outlook. I removed the internet calendar and even the data file, but the tasks stayed. Can anybody please tell me how to remove them and sync my tasks so they only show up once?

Thank you for your help!