Outlook Integration to Asana

Hi Maya, could you email support@reddiapps.com with the email address you used to sign up and we can get you setup.



Hi, Is there a free trial so I can test this before subscribing please? Sounds good, just want to evaluate briefly before signing up.

Hi @Matt_Wines. Please email support@reddiapps.com once your account has been created and I will get you started with a trial.

HI, Maggie. Does this work with Office 365 as well?


Yes it does. In fact, a majority of our users are O365 subscribers.

How would you like the email to the correct Asana project? what is the mechanism to tie them togehter?

Hi there, I am integrating my Asana tasks into my Outlook Calendar. I exported a project to my calendar, but I need help determining which project the task is for on my calendar. Can I bring in the information? For example, I have the same functions for different projects, so it may be confusing not knowing which project the task is due for.