Ability to view comment Drafts in one area

A lot of times I need to quickly jot down notes on a topic, but not yet ready to send it. Now, I need to create a new task which I then link to the other task. It would be helpful to be able to write some initial notes on the task, then I can get back to it later.

Having an area where I can see all unfinished comments would be super helpful to my workflow. It would allow to not only take notes in a comment, but also see if there is something you wrote out and forgot to submit it.


Completely agree! That would be awesome.

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I sometimes find myself finding an old comment I totally forgot to send because something got my attention and it got lost (and I often wrongfully BELIEVE I had sent it).

I should never have unfinished drafts, in my opinion. So, when there are, they should show below the “Inbox”, i.e: “Drafts (3)”

If there are no drafts, the link should not show.
This is a usual behavior on plenty of other tools out there, and it’s a very efficient way to gently reminder us that we missed something.


Agree this would be great

Ability to view draft comments would be so helpful. Just today I noticed one of my comments sitting within a task’s comment field. I was wondering why I never heard back from the person who was working on that task. Well, I never hit submit (human error), and this has happened so many times before.

One simple solution without impacting the UI would be to add the ability within advanced search to search for Draft Comments, and that way we can add it to Saved Searches. I think this would solve our immediate needs.

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+1 this would be super great. Drafts section would be a game changer

Exciting news, Asana has finally rolled out a Draft Comments widget for the Home screen :raised_hands:. To enable this go to your Home screen and click on the “Customize” button and you should see a “Draft Comments” widget that you can drag in.

Come to find out. I have a lot of draft comments :grimacing: :expressionless:. This feed is going to come in very handy.


Great find, @Erjon_Metohu!

Well, that was quite a trip down memory lane clearing several dozen un-submitted comments about a wide variety of things professional and personal from all eras!

Unlike all the other rows in this widget that I was able to resolve by clicking on the row to navigate and then deleting the comment text, these two rows do not navigate anywhere when clicking. I have no idea how to address these, which task/project they relate to, or how to remove them from the list. @Marie, Is this feature rolled out? Regardless, could you convey to the product team? Thanks!

I don’t have it yet :frowning:

Whoopsies, this one slipped through the cracks! Yes, this new widget was just rolled out to 50% of users yesterday, as part of an A/B test. We will make it available to everyone in the next couple of weeks - stay tuned for updates!

@lpb, I’ve escalated this to our team - I’ll circle back once I have an update :slight_smile:


@lpb I just removed all my draft comments, and now I have the same issues as you. I have four tasks that I can’t click on without a checkbox. I tried searching for these tasks, but nothing came up. I assume these are deleted tasks, and Comments are most likely still stored in the database. Asana probably stores comments separate from tasks in its own data table.

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Hi folks,

Quick update to let you know this update is now available to all Asana users!

@Erjon_Metohu + @lpb our team is looking into this issue!


Awesome! Thanks for the update @Marie. Let me know if you need any additional info regarding the bug.

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