Re-opened comment is not considered as "Draft in progress" and is lost when navigating away

If you edit a comment, to add new elements (for example during a meeting), 2 things happen:

  • if you forget to submit your changes and navigate away, your changes are lost
  • related, it doesn’t appear as “Draft” in the Hot widget

I find it dangerous…

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman, I just tested this and experienced the same behavior. I think this is happening because “edits” don’t auto-save, you need to explicitly click on save before moving away from your comment. If you don’t Asana will only remember the last version saved.

Yes but a new comment your write doesn’t auto-save either, you have to submit it, but it is “saved” and displayed on the homepage “Draft comments” widget

Actually new comments do auto-save without hitting the “Comment” button, which is why they’re showing in “Draft” Home widget :slight_smile: It looks like the issue is with the edit function. I’ll try to find out more and will keep you posted here !

I am 99% sure this is not a bug, but rather something that could cause mistakes.

Oh I agree this is not a bug! But I also agree it’s not practical, so hopefully something we can improve in the future. I never ran into the issue live so I never realised that was the behaviour until I tested earlier on!

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