Comment UI improvements

Hello, on a number of occasions, I have added text and images to the comment field but failed to click the comment button. Occasionally my browser window might not be centred on the screen and therefore the comment button is visually hidden. If I am distracted, I forget to click the button. I wonder if the editing process might be better if it took place inside a modal and outside the flow comments.

Hi @James_Grubb , welcome to the forum :wave:

Forgetting to hit the ‘Comment’ button is something I also occasionally do! What I have found quite helpful is the ‘Draft comments’ widget which can be added to your Asana Home page by dragging it from the Customize menu of the Home page. Try it!

Hope this helps for now :wink:

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply


Thanks, Ill give it a go

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