Auto-saving feature for Conversations

Our team uses the auto-saving feature in the Conversations section of Asana everyday. With the latest update, you can no longer save the information you’ve typed out. You can’t even click to other sections of Asana without it deleting. When we are on back to back calls in different projects, this feature really helps us stay organized. Would you please consider bringing the auto-saving feature back? I know our team would really appreciate it! Thanks!

Hi @Mo_Burch, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for your feedback!

Just to make sure I understood your request, do you mean you used to start creating a conversation message, writing the description and saving the draft without posting the Conversation? :slight_smile: It’ll be great if you can give me more details and how exactly it used. to work for you so I can send your use case to our product team! Thank you!

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Hi @Emily_Roman! Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!

Yes, you are correct. Our team uses the conversation feature to prepare call notes for the day. We are often going from one call to the other, so the auto-save feature was incredibly helpful. We also need to access other parts of the Asana project during calls, and you can’t do that now without your work being deleted. We realize you can post and then edit afterwards, but we very much preferred the way it was set up before.

The other reason why this feature was so helpful was because clients often reschedule their calls, and our notes would just be there the next time we needed them, which saved us a lot of time and prep.

I hope that explains it well enough, but let me know if you need more! Thanks again!

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Thanks for the detailed feedback and use case, @Mo_Burch! I’ve send this information to our product team so they can consider bringing this feature back! I’d personally love to have it again as well!

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It happened to me a few times now that when I startet a new message (with the new messages feature from January 14th 2021) in the iOS app and swiped down the screen (accidentally) the message was gone.

Auto-Save could help here a lot! I would suggest to list drafts of messages similarly to sent or received messages. However, I’d prefer one single place for sent, received and drafted messages. More in the way in which all the messaging apps like Telegram handle them. And I would suggest placing that new Menu-Item Messages in the sidebar in the top section with Home, My tasks,…

Hi all! Great news! :tada: We have an update on this feature!

I’m excited to hear your feedback in the main thread! :slight_smile: