How can I see all my comments in Inbox?

Hello there! I use a personal account for my projects, and I rely on comments to keep track of what’s happening with my tasks. Is there a way to view all my comments for all tasks in one place, such as the Inbox? Currently, I can’t see them; I only see updates for the project, not the individual tasks.

I’ve found a Draft Comments widget on the main page. Is there the same for all my comments?

Welcome, @Gleb3,

With a paid Asana plan, you can use Advanced search > Add filter > People > Commented on by > Enter “me” in the field > Search.

The results can be sorted by last modified date and you can star that to appear in your left sidebar so you can access it, refreshed, any time.

(Asana Inbox is used for notifications about work of interest to you, so there’s no way to get these to appear there.)




Thank you, Larry!

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