New! Track time on your Tasks in Asana ⏱

Perfect timing, I was literally just this week looking into time tracking options for my team! Can’t wait to try it out!


This is great to see - we experimented trying to time track years ago but had to abandon it.

The subtask roll-up sounds really useful, and will help with projects.

We use “Story Points” for Estimating instead of time - would be good to see a similar roll-up feature for that, or allow Estimate Time to either be in time or points.

Look forward to trying out the feature soon, thanks


This is amazing! Finally! Thank you, the updates lately are finally making asana perfect.


Very exciting to see Asana finally implement native time tracking. We have been using Harvest for years, which works well, and it includes an Asana add-on. But looking forward to having the option to manage time tracking and reporting all in one place. For now, we will continue to use Harvest because it already provides all of the functionalities and more that Asana is releasing in the next four phases. Hopefully, by end of next year, this will be a fully baked feature, and we can cancel our Harvest subscription.

By the way, I really liked the video explanation and the roadmap transparency. This format saves everyone time, we don’t need to ask questions and propose features that are already in your roadmap. It would be helpful if Asana uses the same release announcement format for all new features.

Keep up the great work :clap:t2:


This is fantastic! Will this be available for all subscription levels? Ie: Business and Premium?

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Great question, @Cathy_Finlay! Time Tracking will be available to all Business and Enterprise users :slight_smile:

Great, but… In my case it was working only in the app, and now it does not anymore.

Hi @Bruno_Habegger1, we are still in the process of rolling out Release 1 to all users. If you don’t have access to the features in Release 1 just yet, you can expect access by the end of this week.

I’ll keep you posted here and let you know if this timeline changes :slight_smile:


Hi Rebecca! We had the feature turned on last friday but now we don’t see it anywhere. Do you have any idea why this could be?

Hi @Mate, the Product team ran into a small bug so have temporarily rolled back the release over the weekend. Rollout should begin again today and you can expect access to all Release 1 features by the end of this week. :slight_smile:


Hi @Rebecca_McGrath it would be great if a report can be made at the end of the month to see how many hours you worked on tasks.


Do we need to do anything to have these features or will they just appear in Asana?
Are these features available for all Asana users or only for certain packages?


Hi @Alison6 , welcome to the forum! see above:


That’s great! Thanks, @Richard_Sather ! :slight_smile:

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From a potential customer currently in trial i must say that this looks promising. We have been testing out how to log hours in custom field and then we get this feature handed out on a silver-plate.
Altso great to notice this forum, and see the active interraction with the customers.

Great work !

Hi @Richard_Sather will there be a budgeting feature, cost rpoerts etc, sorry if I have missed

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Hi guys - thanks so much for this!

Weekly/monthly time sheets would be so handy for us. The ability to see per team member, or per project, how much actual time has been spent across a custom time period (week, month, etc.) would really close the loop. We could then move our WIPs, etc. completely inside Asana - which would make life so much easier. Hoping this is on the roadmap - we will stick with Xero in the meantime.

Excited to see where this goes.


Hi @Chris_Quinn1 , welcome to the forum! :smiley:
I don’t work for Asana (I’m a Partner) so I don’t have that visibility, but the roadmap that @Rebecca_McGrath shared in her initial post indicates an outline of the release phases. I don’t see if budgeting will be integrated, which would be great of course and makes sense, perhaps @Rebecca_McGrath can answer this…?

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Great to see Asana heading in this direction! Looking forward to the mobile app impimentaion of time tracking/ API release!

One question springs to mind, will team members be able to track time spent on tasks that they are not assigned to?
If so, how will that be recorded? As time spent by the assignee, or time spent by the collaborator?

As is apparent with the implemention of ‘workload’ the underlying architecture of Asana’s tasks only being able to be assigned to one team member starts to become restrictive.

I imagine Time Tracking will have the same issue.

If two or more people collaborate on completing a task, the only way currently to track their individual workload (effort) is to duplicate the task.

This seems like a inefficient way to structure things.

Time tracking will only amplify this issue in my opinion.
Or am I missing something?


For reporting on the hours, is there a possibility of adding an hours chart to the project dashboard view?

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