Asana Release Notes, February 2019

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Please find our Release Notes for new features we released in February:

  • Milestones: We’ve added a new task type in Asana. Now any task that’s being tracked in a project can be marked as a milestone to help visually organize large and complex projects. Learn how.
  • Portfolio Progress View: As a part of Milestones, we’ve updated your Portfolio Progress View! You can now toggle between Progress percentage and Milestones to visualize the status of projects in your Portfolio.
  • Forms: With forms, it’s now even easier to kick off work in Asana. You can add a form to a project to capture both the work request and all the information you need (including custom fields). Forms can be shared with anyone, even an external partner not in Asana, and each submitted form will get added to your project as a new task that’s automatically assigned to the project owner — ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Proofing: To help get stakeholder feedback faster, we’ve created Proofing in Asana. When you open an image file from a task on desktop or mobile, you’ll see an option to add feedback, which lets you click on a specific area and leave feedback about that part of the image. Your feedback will be added as a subtask and assigned to whoever uploaded the image.
  • Custom Field Notifications: You can now toggle an on/off notification for custom fields. If a custom field has the notification toggled on and the value of the field is changed on a task, then all collaborators of the task will receive an Asana inbox + email (if email is on) notification.
  • Approvals: With the addition of custom field notifications, we’ve also added Approvals workflows to Asana. Not knowing whether something is approved or not can lead to delays and frustrations — avoid this by tracking each stage of your process, adding our “Approval stage” custom field to your project, and turning on notifications for it. Whenever a task moves to a new stage, you’ll get a notification so everyone involved stays on the same page!
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Integration: We’ve partnered with Adobe to launch the Asana for Adobe Creative Cloud integration. If you’re working in Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, or InDesign CC, you can see new tasks, share design files, and incorporate feedback delivered in Asana without switching between the tools.
  • Litmus Integration: Our new Litmus integration helps you better manage your email creation and testing workflows. By syncing your Litmus Checklist to Asana, you won’t miss any broken links or images before hitting send on your next email newsletter.

As always, you can find full details at Asana Release Notes | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide. If you have any comment or questions, feel free to use the comments box below!

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Is it correct to say that your Approval custom field does nothing more than my own approval custom fields created from scratch with notifications on?


Was wondering the same thing Bastien.


I think it is the same thing, which makes it more useful in my opinion than just having one field with this ability.

Awesome updates, I cannot wait to try them out. I am especially interested in the Approvals and adding feedback to design files. Sometimes the conversation fields can get crowded with a lot of back and forth.


Welcome to the Forum @Robin_Singletary :slight_smile: Thanks for your kind words, and let us know if you have any questions or feedback on Approvals!

I don’t see an Approval field - is there an update or reset I need to be doing?

Hi @Priya_Partridge, It’s done with an “Approval stage” custom field, or you own custom field, with notifications when the dropdown custom field changes. See:

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Ah, it wasn’t showing up in the dropdown but I found it via searching. Thanks!