Boards on Mobile - Completed Tasks not Disappearing



I’ve googled this issue and have not seen a solution to it yet. On iOS, when using a Board project, completed tasks grey out but don’t disappear. This is a major frustration and there’s no obvious way to make completed tasks disappear.

Am I missing something? This makes it essentially unusable for us, especially since completed tasks don’t automatically rearrange themselves to the bottom of the pile.

Surely I’m missing something…the board features couldn’t be this stupid?


My team uses a “Completed” column at the far right of most of our boards and we move completed tasks there. I don’t use Asana on a mobile, but it sounds like there may be a known issue there based on similar threads I’ve found.


Dear Asana team, please fix this bug. It is annoying AF and unfortunately this bug forced me to start using Trello instead of Asana. And Trello is ugly :frowning: My life is ruined :frowning:


Asana fixed this in Feb with the most recent iOS update. There is button top right (2 horizontal lines) which you can select and filter to only show incomplete tasks. It works perfectly.

BUT you can’t filter on Android yet. Asana, please add this option to Android ASAP!!! This is a major issue.


agree. this is incredible annoying


I’m on Android. This is still a pain. I just don’t understand why this wasn’t implemented from the start.


Yes, this cripples my team as well. My project manager can’t change the view to see just incomplete tasks on Android. Really need this fixed asap.


Yes! Please fix!!


Asana, please get your act together and fix this. Our boards are unusable on mobile, full of completed tasks


Any news on that?


Not at the moment @Patrick_EMIN, but I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I have an update. In the meantime, Ryan’s workaround is probably the best option!


This is a major bug. It has been around for months. It should be corrected by now.