Asana Release Notes, August 2018


I was looking for a way to do this yesterday! I ended up creating a report and then highlighting all the tasks in the report and changing the custom fields that way. Worked pretty slick.


I read about adding Sections to Timelines here, which is a nice improvement.
(Would be even better if you could collapse the Sections in the Timeline.)

But what do you mean by “Timeline task names following as you scroll?”


That’s always been a good workaround, but it’s a shame you effectively have to turn a board into a list in order to multi-select. Hopefully boards will get a bit of an overhaul in the near future.


Hi @Laura_Johnson and @Vince_Mustachio :wave:t3:Sections in Timelines were only implemented in September, that’s why they’re not in the August release notes :slight_smile:


You say press Command, does it only work with board view on a iOS system? I use Windows? @Marie

Ctrl + click works.



Yippee… Start Dates on Recurring Tasks… So happy about this one… :smile: