Asana Release Notes, September 2018

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Please find below Asana’s release notes for the month of September:

  • Lock custom fields: You can now control who can edit custom field values across all your projects, so information is being tracked consistently, available in Enterprise.
  • Updated navigation on Android: The navigation menu has moved from the right to the left side of our Android app to be consistent with system standards. Plus, we’ve made it easier to find features like sort view/view switching.
  • Updated Quick Add on iOS: It’s now easier to add work into Asana in our iOS app through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. You can convert photos of handwritten or printed text, such as whiteboard or post-it notes, into a text format that is editable and searchable in Asana.
  • Changed “Copy” to “Duplicate”: Actions that use the term “copy” have been replaced with “duplicate” to avoid any misinterpretation or confusion between you and your team.
  • Member count on billing page: You can now view how many members your Organization has directly from the billing page, so you can select the plan that is best for you.

More info: Asana Release Notes, August 2018

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Hi @Marie,

Just to clarify on

The restriction that’s been added is not really on the ability to edit custom field values on tasks, but to edit custom field definitions and possible values, correct?

If that’s correct, then might I suggest that the wording above is potentially a little confusing, as when I first read “who can edit custom field values”, I thought it was referring to the values you enter for a custom field on a particular task. (Coming from the developer side, the API refers to “custom field values” as those values you enter for a custom field on a specific task.)


Thanks for your feedback @Phil_Seeman! You’re right, this feature means that you can lock down the custom field description and options. Users will still be able to edit the value of the custom field on a task. Hope this answers your question; on my end, I’ll make sure to escalate your feedback!

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Just wanted to check in as to what happened to this feature in the iOS app?

Hi @April_Koehler :wave:t3:

I just checked in with our Mobile Team who confirmed that this feature was removed because its usage was extremely low, and unfortunately it did not make sense for us to continue investing more resources. I wish I had better news, but I hope this helps!

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@Marie, I am showing that if you want to map contents of a CSV Import to an existing Custom Field you have to add the Custom Fields to the project before importing. Even if you choose to “Make changes” I don’t see where you can choose from the library of Custom Fields as done before. If you don’t have the Custom Fields already added to the project you are importing to, then it creates a duplicate of the Custom Field. Is this intended behavior?

See also:

I’m going to wait a week before trying to do anything with the new CSV Import because it seems like it’s still in flux based on that helpful post.


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