Importing Large Task and Subtask files

When I create a .csv file to upload tasks and subtask asana recognizes this in small batches (Example 2 tasks with 4 subtasks). However, when I attempt to upload a file that has 17 tasks and 191 subtasks, Asana treats the subtasks like tasks. Has anyone else experienced this and what solution did you develop to fix this?

Please let me know if I make no sense in my explanation…

Welcome, @anon11176353,

I’ve never run into a problem importing with just a few hundred entries like you’re reporting here.

But I know that getting subtasks recognized during the import trips people up on occasion, typically because of the way they specify (or don’t specify) the mapping.

If you have read and followed this:

and are still having issues, I recommend you email with the file, the project link, and a video or description of what you’re doing during import.



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