Adding subtasks via csv



Hi, how do I add subtasks to a project via csv. I am trying to start a brand new project (so this would be my first/only import). I have the fields mapped for due date, assignee, task and subtask. But “subtask” doesn’t get imported; everything else does. Any thoughts? Thanks!


Hi @LW1!
This is a great question. At the moment subtasks aren’t supported via our CSV importer just yet, though I’m happy to add this request as feedback for our CSV importer.

Feel free to make a post in our #productfeedback category to increase the visibility of this ask, and to have our community members vote on how strongly they’d like this feature included in our CSV importer.

Hope this helps!


Hi, this status update has aged a bit. Any news on importing subtasks?


Hi again @Justus_Zenker!

Not at the moment, unfortunately.

Our Team is looking at how to include the ability to integrate Asana features like Subtasks & Dependencies, via our CSV importer, at some point in the future though unfortunately this isn’t possible just yet:no_mouth:

Hope this helps clarify things a bit more!


Thanks for the update, @Michael_A! Are you able to share that Tags are also being considered as well?


Hi, I noticed that the Asana Guide references the ability to import subtasks now using the ‘Subtask Of’ additional field when mapping columns from a csv file… however I can’t seem to find this option when importing, is this a tease of an upcoming release?


Just spoken to the sales team and this is indeed part of the current release… hooray! It’s just my account that may need ‘fixing’ eeek


Yes @Alex_Thut this option will be released next week; you can learn more in this article :point_right:

Marking this one :white_check_mark:


Hi all, for anyone else looking for info on this there was an issue with the initial release and it wasn’t added yet, the aim is apparently to have it out THIS very week :slight_smile:
The documentation in this case is just a spoiler lol.


I should expand that is information is the result of contact with the support team, not some deep insider knowledge!

CSV Importer Now Available

Thanks for the correction @Alex_Thut, you’re :100:right :slight_smile: Not long to go now!


Do we have an estimated release date for this feature at all? It is the last piece in the puzzle for our current proof of concept which we are aiming to complete at the end of this month… no pressure and sorry to be a pest/hijack this thread!


No worries at all @Alex_Thut. It should be released by the end of the week. I’ll make sure to keep you posted if I hear of any delay!


Hi @Marie, I see this implementation was not released yet. Any new info on this topic? I am really counting on this feature to move forward with ASANA.:crossed_fingers:


An update on this would be greatly appreciated, we are coming to the end of our proof of concept and this is a deal breaker sadly :confused:


@Alex_Thut, for us it is a deal breaker. We work with IBM Watson and Dynamics CRM to process our Emails, which ASANA is not integrated, and I will have to sleep it. If I doesn’t have the subtask (s) automatically bulk imported, it is a real deal breaker for us.


@Marie, Any update on the release?


Thanks for following up @Cecilia_Costa, @Alex_Thut, @Michael_Tran and so sorry for the trouble. I’ve checked with the Team and it looks like the roll-out has been slightly delayed; I don’t have a precise date to share with you today, but it shouldn’t be too long (probably just a few dayas) and I’ll make sure to let you know as soon as this feature will be rolled out for good. Again, my sincere apologies for the inconvenience and thank you so much for your patience.


Thanks for the update, @Marie!

Can we rely on this update to also allow for mapping of tags and dependencies, in addition to subtasks??? Call it a reward for our patience with the rollout of importing subtasks. :wink:

From my perspective, it would seem tags could be coded the same as custom fields except a single column in the CSV file could reflect all the tags to apply to each line entry with semicolons serving as the delimited factor. Similarly, dependencies could be coded the same as subtasks where you would have to list the “preceding task” much like you list the “parent task” for subtask linking.


Thanks @Marie for the feedback. I hope ASANA will have this feature, plus the one mentioned by @Jerod_Hillard, before the end of August, otherwise we will have to move to another platform.
I am hoping for the best!:crossed_fingers::pray::pray: