Importing from CSV integration


In case anyone is looking for a solution to import task data from CSV file which includes all task fields (like due date, description, etc.), we are beta testing a new tool, Import Wizard.

If there are other types of data that are critical to import besides tasks, please let us know! We are interested to hear what are the issues or limitations you are running into while trying to get your data into Asana that we can potentially help with.


Could you elaborate more on how you do the Asana import. I was only aware of a CSV file importer through an older Chrome app. Will you have the ability to import subtasks?


Import Wizard is using API to insert the tasks into Asana, so it gives us a bit more options during the import of data.

At the moment we don’t support subtasks, but If you send us an example of your CSV file to we can check adding support for this use case, assuming no limitations on API side.


Having had created a free CSV to Asana Report using CSV file I have a little experience with Asana’s output CSV but none with input. CSV To Asana Simple List Generator- My Gift To Community

So here are some observations.

So if you examine the hierarchy of Asana which of course could be set up in an Excel Spreadsheet and saved as a CSV file, below Organization you have

Project & Project Description
Task & Task Descripton
Subtask & Subtask Description

I would guess that you import at the Project level. In addition to hierarchical format of Asana you have other opportunities and issues.

Adding the description to Tasks and Subtasks
Creating Project Sections
Adding Tasks to proper Section
Creating a project for subtasks even though Asana does not by default
Creating Assignee for both Tasks and Subtasks but they are not mandatory
Creating Due Dates for Tasks and Subtasks but they are not mandatory
Creating Followers for Tasks and Subtasks but they are not mandatory
If you venture into Subtasks you have to have a Parent Task for them to attach to.
Task creation does not require subtask creation
I have attempted to build an Excel Spreadsheet that would give you enough information and a couple iterations of possibilities. It had to be a PDF to upload so it is small. You can download and enlarge. CSV Import.pdf (48.3 KB)

I did it rapidly so it may not be totally accurate. If you create a subtask you need the parent task. I showed an example that you were only adding subtasks. I also show an example where you are creating a new Parent Task and Subtask together.

Here is exported CSV file from Excel opened in Word and printed as a PDF. Excel Export To CSV.pdf (5.1 KB)

It would be a great addition if it had all this flexibility.


This is great news! I’d love to be able to dump a spreadsheet into Asana. Any thoughts on when it might integrated into the software?


Hi Laura - this is possible now. If you have your Tasks in CSV file, you can upload and import by going here and click “Get Started”:

Feel free to reach out if you need any assistance!


Why do i have to use another app to use yours? Should we just focus on making all apps more complicated or could you just have your software developers make a simple import button.


(I am from Import Wizard team, to give you context on my answer)

@Andrew7 I think it’s perfectly normal that different companies would build solutions to different problems. Asana is great at task management, our goal is to make Import Wizard be great at importing your data into various SaaS products.



This is great, and I’d love to see dependencies as an option when importing a .csv - this would save me loads of time when importing projects from software like Omniplan!


@Mark_Kofman I was given different information when I went to the website. Once I calmed down and looked at the Oauth api, it was then that I realized I didnt need to use or some other site to import things.

Now I am hooking up my asana to python and looking to find a way to automate this so my data can sync up. Thanks!


@Alexis What are my options if I have a csv file that gets updated every day, but I want it to sync with my asana instance. Currently working on a python option but I am not sure It will work with the api to update asana as I am looking for.

Help options?


@Andrew7 @Alexis is no longer with Asana but moved to Dropbox. She did a great job. @Marie and several others have taken her place and are very good. I think if you are dealing with the API, @Jeff_Schneider or @Matt_Bramlage would be the one to ask.


where is your CSV file generated from? Is it internal system or other SaaS? Knowing that might help to suggest the right solution


Thanks for the mention @James_Carl and so sorry for the late follow-up! I might not be the best person to answer this question, but let’s see if @Matt_Bramlage can give us a hand! :slight_smile: