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Hello Asana Community, I have 2 urgent questions.

  1. do I have the possibility to create subtasks via CSV? I have read a tutorial, this did not work for me. Although I enter the correct task name in “Subtask of”, it still creates normal tasks.

  2. is there a possibility to create subtasks via Asana forms?

Many greetings!

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Hi @Amir3 and welcome to the forum!

I am tapping @Jerod_Hillard for this one - he’s a resident CSV Import expert!

Not natively in Asana; you can use my Flowsana integration to accomplish it - more info on that is here:


@Amir3 yes, you can create subtasks through the CSV Import. One common error I have seen is where people associate a section/column to a subtask. This supersedes any “subtask of” associations and makes the intended subtask a parent task. You can learn more about this and other importing tips in this post: 🔑 3 Key Reminders when using the CSV Importer

If this doesn’t resolve your issue, you can PM me a sample file and I can test on my end then point you in the right direction! :wink: