We're rolling out a new CSV Importer

Happy Thursday everyone!

I’m excited to announce that we’ve started rolling out a new version of our CSV Importer. This new version makes it a lot easier to import your data into Asana. Whether you’re looking to move from a spreadsheet like Excel, or from other task management tools, this new importer makes it super easy to get you started right away on any project!

Please note that we’re gradually rolling out this new CSV importer. It is currently available to 50% of our users and will be available to everyone in the next couple of days, so don’t worry if you’re not seeing it in your account just yet! In the meantime, have a look at our brand new Guide article so you’re all set when it lands in your account :slight_smile: CSV Importer • Asana

As always, feel free to ask your questions below and make sure to post your feedback in the #productfeedback category so other users can share their thoughts and support your idea!

Have a great day!


Including import of dependencies! :partying_face:


That is great! I see the feature and am trying to figure it out but can’t get it to work.


This is especially great since a lot of people thought the CSV importer was a dead feature at Asana and nobody was caring for it anymore! Way to go!!!

cc @James_Carl That might interest you


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Hi! Thanks for sharing these news :slight_smile: Are there any plans to enable bulk update the custom fields of incomplete tasks? That would be huge. My use case is: new to frequently reset priorities of tasks. Priority is defined as a number captured in a custom field. As I have 100s of tasks, it is not manageable to do manually…

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Thanks Marie.

I have tried the CSV importer several times, to no avail.

  • I create a new project using the ‘+’ sign, then click “import.”
  • I select the .csv file to import
  • I see a pop up message that says:
  • Importing 84 tasks to <>. You can continue using the project at any time.
  • The “In Progress” ball keeps spinning.
  • After 30 minutes, I’ve tried refreshing the project where I’ve tried to import the tasks: no tasks are appearing
  • The .csv file is pretty small (20kb), so it’s definitely not an issue with the size of the dataset

Any ideas?

Hi @nikhil1,

Could you give it go with another browser? And possibly try from another network?

Looking forward to your reply!

I am unable to get the new CSV importer to work correctly. My results are the same as @nikhil1

Asana actually even shows that it disconnects during the import process and then reconnects like I’ve lost my internet connection (I did not). This has happened twice when I’ve tried to add a CSV.

I have edit access to the board and have configured/mapped my fields correctly.

I think I figured it out. The new “rules” feature conflicts with the CSV Importer. I deleted all of my rules and the importer worked perfectly.

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Thanks for keeping us posted @Michelle_Plunkett! This a know behaviour, we recommend pausing in Active Rules on your project when importing a CSV! I’m sure your post will be helpful to other members reading this thread, so thanks for sharing it!

@Marie, Shouldn’t the CSV Importer prevent import when Rules are active for the chosen Project, and say they should be paused before continuing? Or give an option to pause and resume automatically upon completion?



Ideally yes @lpb, hopefully this is something we can implement in a future update :slight_smile:

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