CSV importer: import tags




It would be great to be able to import tags via CSV as well. Especially since the export function does export them, but the import doesn’t seem to be able to import them.



I absolutely agree…How can we get this on the dev team’s radar?


YES PLEASE!! A big “me too” for this feature request!


Has this been complete? Would love it!!


I would also love this!


Is there a possibility to import a list of tags (in excel or another file) to asana?
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Hey @Kivanc_Koza, Michael from the Asana support team here

This is a great question though at the moment it isn’t possible. That said this doesn’t mean that it won’t be possible forever. That’s what our #productfeedback category is for. In fact, there is a post that someone has already made (CSV importer: import tags) to request our team to build this feature out.

I’m going to merge this request into that thread (:point_up:see above! :point_up:) to have your voice heard, though i encourage you to click the vote button above to make it count!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Did this ever get done? This would be awesome.


I’m just starting to use the CSV importer, has anyone figured out a workaround to import tags via CSV?