CSV importer: import tags

I tried to add my own column/header named “Status” in the CSV importer-file, I then added the tag name under each row as usual. And it worked, so all my imported tasks is now tagged.

Update: Regarding the column named “Status”. I have re-namned “Tags”, so name the column after your Field title. :slight_smile: :partying_face:


In my understanding, Dingan talks about “Custom Fields” and not “Tags”. “Custom Fields” (drop-down, text, numbers, …) can be imported, “Tags” can still not be imported as far as I know (my last test is some weeks old).

Is there any update whether this has made it to the road map? This would be really useful.



True, I mixed them up… :slightly_frowning_face:

When testing, you can add custom tags, se screen shot, but they do not work as wanted like colours etc. Hope Asana will roll out a update for this…

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Hi Natalia
Any chance this is going anywhere?

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any movement on this? importing Tags is super useful

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Hi Natalia

Any update on this feature request? Importing tags is a much needed functionality as we are regularly importing our project tasks from a CSV file.