Adding tasks to multiple projects via CSV importer


Does anyone know of a way to add tasks to multiple projects at once via the CSV importer?

I was hoping any extra projects on top of the main one that the CSV is importing into could be added as extra columns. I tried to set a column as projects but it added it as a custom field.


@Kayleigh I don’t think this is possible today so I changed your topic to #productfeedback so others could vote on the recommendation. I could see a lot of great use for this!


Thanks @Jerod_Hillard.

Looks like while exporting a CSV the column “Projects” ( showing other projects the task is part of ) is filled with the text and works well.
Though we would like to be able import this CSV back with some changes or additional “Projects” to add tasks to this and other projects. Is there any solution by now?

Can we add a label that allows us to upload a bunch of tasks and add the tasks to specific projects and sections?

I’d like to upload a bunch of tasks to specific projects and sections without having to upload individual CSV files for each project.

At the moment, there is no label that matches tasks with projects when uploading tasks as a CSV. However, if you download tasks as a CSV file from Asana, there is a column in the CSV file labeled “Projects”. In this column, the Projects & Sections are labeled in the rows…so it’s already tracked in the Asana backend

Hi @Nick_Giaimo and welcome to the Community!

You’re correct, as it stands, it’s not possible to multihome tasks while importing them with our CV importer. I don’t believe this is something we’re currently working on, but definitely a good feedback for future updates! I’ve slightly edited the title of your post to make it more discoverable to user (hope that’s ok!) and I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have an update on my end!

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