Make the Projects field mappable when running a CSV import

We are currently displaying tasks across several projects by using the Asana created Projects field. However, we are not able to use this functionality when bulk uploading tasks via the CSV Importer, which, unfortunately, limits its use case for us. Therefore, it would be great if you made the Projects field mappable, so we are able to bulk upload tasks and connect it to two different projects.

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Good idea, this would certainly be useful!
Don’t forget to vote yourself :wink:

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I want to export a project as csv, change all task names and import the updated csv.
the importer does not recognize the project column as project column and the information which other projects a task was mapped to is lost.

Is there a way to import this information?

Hey @Stefan_Maier, welcome to the Forum, and sorry for the trouble! You are correct, at this time, when importing a CSV file to Asana, if you include the “Projects” column, the project names will only be imported as plain text, either in the “Task Description” or in a text/drop-down “Custom Field”, depending on what you choose when mapping the file.

Unfortunately, at this time it’s not possible to map previous project ID’s or to automatically multi-home tasks when importing a CSV file.

If you don’t mind, I’m moving this thread to our Product Feedback section so that you and other users can vote for this feature request. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Mads_Nielsen , on second thought, you could apply the below workaround if you are on a Business plan:

  1. Before importing, create a single select drop-down field with a list of options of all the other projects you would like your task to be multi-homed. Let’s call this custom field ‘Add to Project’. Note that the options have to be EXACTLY the same as the projects listed in your CSV’s column.
  2. Set up one rule for every project you want to add tasks to, based on the options in the single select field you created. (see below snip) i.e. TRIGGER: if task is added to this project (this bit is important!) AND if ‘Add to Project’ field option is set “Project A” then ACTION: add (or move*) task to another project: Project A (and you can choose which ‘Section’ also, if applicable)
  3. Once all your rules are set up, import your CSV, and map your project field to the single-select field that you created.

So during the import process, as your tasks are created they should automatically be added to your relevant projects! :partying_face:
*Note if you instead use the ‘move to project’ action then this project could be used just to import CSVs and send rules to your other projects. Theoretically, by the end of each import the project should be empty for the next CSV import since all your tasks will be ‘moved’ to your other projects :wink:


Thanks, appreciate the workaround!