Map project ID's when importing CSV files

I want to export a project as csv, change all task names and import the updated csv.
the importer does not recognize the project column as project column and the information which other projects a task was mapped to is lost.

Is there a way to import this information?

Hey @Stefan_Maier, welcome to the Forum, and sorry for the trouble! You are correct, at this time, when importing a CSV file to Asana, if you include the “Projects” column, the project names will only be imported as plain text, either in the “Task Description” or in a text/drop-down “Custom Field”, depending on what you choose when mapping the file.

Unfortunately, at this time it’s not possible to map previous project ID’s or to automatically multi-home tasks when importing a CSV file.

If you don’t mind, I’m moving this thread to our Product Feedback section so that you and other users can vote for this feature request. :slight_smile:

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