CSV Import-Remove custom labels from import

Hi! I’m not sure if this is the correct section to ask this question but I am trying to import a CVS file with 177 rows (tasks). I want most of the column information to move to the task description rather than creating a label. I made the applicable change and the import works great but the custom labels are still being added even though they no longer contain information (see image). Am I missing something? I see the option to hide custom labels but that doesn’t hide all of the blank labels and I don’t want to go through 177 tasks and hide or delete labels before I invite team members to this project. Should I be somehow editing my CVS prior to import?

Hi @Krista_Peltzel , welcome to the forum :wave:

You have done well so far to (always) select ‘Make changes’ during the CSV import process. Once there, you should see a ‘X columns ignored’ in the far right of the column headers. Once clicked, tick all the other columns you would like the importer to ignore, i.e. all the field that you do NOT want created. For all the remaining fields you can select ‘Description’.

And note that you could also map some columns to custom fields that you added to your project BEFORE the CSV import process, as long as the values of your field match the values in your CSV.
Or you could allow the CSV importer to create new custom fields based on the values of your CSV.

I’ve edited your title to ‘CSV’ instead of ‘CVS’ so it’s better searchable :wink:

Well that’s embarrassing. :upside_down_face:

I think I’m still missing something. I still want to import the info, just have it show up in the description, not with the field. If I uncheck the the boxes so they are ignored then the info is not being imported.

Ah sorry, I see what you mean now! So from the header dropdown, for each field, you want to select ‘Task Description’ so it adds the values there.

Not sure why you want to add values to the task description instead of linking to custom fields though. Custom fields are much more useful to structure your projects and tasks and be harnessed for search results, sorting & filtering, triggering rules, and populating charts in Dashboards, amongst other uses.

But I guess you have a reason to do so, I just wanted to throw it out there as food for thought :wink:

I did that. Actually I’ve done all the step you’ve mentioned. The thing I’m missing is, is there a way to import all of that info into the description but not import the now empty custom labels. That’s what I was trying to show in my original screen shot. The info moved into the description but the empty labels also imported.

HI @Krista_Peltzel , that’s strange. Did you try the import process into a new fresh project? (i.e. don’t import into a project that you already ran the import tool, as it would have already created the custom fields in that project).

I re-read the above. If a custom field is added to a project, it will be applicable to all tasks in that project. If you delete a custom field, it will remove it from all your 177 tasks that are in that project.
If you tasks are multi-homed into another project with other custom fields, then those will also show up in the task’s details.

Just to confirm whether this is not the case, could you share a screen shot from one of your task’s details, starting from the top; Assignee, Due date, Projects etc?

Once I started from a fresh project it fixed my problem! Thank you for that suggestion and all your help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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