CSV importer: import tags

How is it possible that this basic functionality is not implemented after being a known issue for 3+ years? Surely there is minimal development required for this, it’s just a field mapping issue. Is this one being worked on?


I’ve read this whole thread, assuming I would find a reasonable solution at the end, since it started 3 years ago. Imagine my disappointment finding out there are only nonsensical workaround available…

I’ll try those, but certainly hope this issue will be fixed any time soon.


Can confirm that this functionality (Tag import) would be greatly appreciated.

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It would be great if the csv import feature would allow you to import tags as one of the fields. Tags are a very commonly used field in Asana tasks, so having the ability to import these in bulk when creating new tasks in a project woud be a great time-saver. Currently you can do this via EasyCSV, so the logic exists, but this requires a paid account with EasyCSV to do this.

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Hi @Gordon_Bobin good point.
There is currently a live feedback running for this, you may want to add your vote to it.
Here is the link: CSV importer: import tags

Thanks Rashad. Seems like this has been a popular request for some time now, so hoping to see some progress on this soon. Cheers

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Very much want and need!

Bump - this really limits Tag functionality at any scale (a request that has been open for 5 years now)

There are 130 votes (ie- people who took the time to register and vote, so likely thousands of users) who have needed this since 2018.

What is going on with this task Asana?

Hey @Nathan_Grech, Since Asana does not share a public roadmap it is difficult to say if and when which new features will be implemented, however they are really monitoring all feedback request threads and taking not only the total votes but also the total views into consideration :slight_smile:

To list a few features implemented, which also include well-requested features such as this one and a long list here .

As our organization continues to grow and expand our use of tags to improve reporting & prioritizing in Asana, this has been a growing pain point for me team. We absolutely need this function.

5 years later, this still seems to be missing. Not sure why you prioritised making the @ symbol a formatting feature in the comment fields (super annoying to me) instead of a quick way to mention a colleague over this often requested feature but I guess it’s your party, you can code what you want to ;).

Almost six years later, and it’s still impossible to do something as simple and basic as importing tags. It’s incredible that it still hasn’t been done. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like they have any interest in user feedback.


Agreed! This would save so much time in my day