Does the Import CSV feature has a limit of tasks?

Hello. I’m trying to import my project based on CSV estructure of tasks and substasks. I have no problem when my project doesn’t have more than about 200 entries, but longer than it I receive a message saying Asana is importing the number of tasks, but nothing happens… If I split the csv file, the first part is imported right, but the second and third doesn´t follow the task-subtask structure, and create the subtask field as a customized field, and trying to select the usage of the field, by making changes at import column, the option is unselectable.

I´m about to import a project with more than 700 tasks and subtasks… how could I do it?


Hi @Andres_Julian_Borbon and welcome to the forum!

There’s no specific hard limit to the importer.

If you’re using Excel, one thing to try is to save your CSV file as “Comma Separated Values” rather than the default “CSV UTF-8” format; see this thread:

If that doesn’t help, it’s probably best to submit a support ticket; see:

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