CSV importer stuck

Hello! I’m trying to use the CSV importer to create a new project. The “Importing XXX tasks to Project…” notification has been up for about an hour, but nothing else is happening. I imported a similar file last week and the task list immediately started populating, so it seems like it might be stuck.

This is a rather large file - over 2,000 tasks/subtasks. Is there a reasonable amount of time that I should expect to wait before tasks start populating, or have I perhaps surpassed the CSV importer task limit?

Thank you in advance for any insight!



Hi @Kaitlyn_Tagarelli and thanks for reaching out!

Can you confirm if your CSV eventually uploaded? It is hard to give you even a rough time, as the upload speed depends on different things (how big are your tasks, internet connexion…).

If you continue running into this issue, I’d recommend splitting your CSV in 2 or 3 smaller CSV, this should drastically reduce the upload time and avoid any timeout issue.

Hope this helps @Kaitlyn_Tagarelli, let us know how you’re getting on :slight_smile:

Hi @Marie! Thanks for your quick reply. I let the uploader be for another day, but it never uploaded. I did split the file a bit, but then I tried just saving it as the “Comma Separated Values” .csv rather than the default “CSV UTF-8” format. That actually seems to be what’s making the difference.

It might be a combination of size and format, as the import on the larger of my split files is behaving oddly (populated some section headers and then started populating tasks and subtasks - remaining section headers still MIA). It is slowly but surely importing, so I’ll update you if it doesn’t finish the job.

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Thank you so much for the follow-up @Kaitlyn_Tagarelli!

The second, relatively large file did eventually finish importing, so it does seem to have been an issue with the UTF-8 CSV.

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Hi Kaitlyn
I am also having difficutlies uploading csv files, i reduced the data and set the file type to CSV Delimited, only 500 lines and it’s taking ages.

I have weekly query resolutions of over 2000, amongst multiple other projects to set up.

really line the structures but need faster turnaround.

help pls