[need help] Sharing Project Templates Between Asana Accounts

I have several clients that I want to use the same base project templates for, but don’t see a good way to export/import from one Asana account to another.

There is import from CSV but. you loose all the task information. (milestone, assignee, etc.t)

Has anyone found a workaround for this?

Asana, if you are reading, need ability to import JSON

Hi @Getz_Pro, I’d recommend checking Ditto out! Ditto allows you to copy projects from one Org to another. Note that while it’s possible to copy templates, the “template” status won’t carry over, so you’ll need to mark these projects as templates in the Org they’ve been copied to.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @marie,

Although this is ‘a’ solution, this isn’t the ‘proper’ solution.

As a contract PM, I work with many companies and migrate them to Asana. (Tony Robbins, Adaptia (upgrade), and 410Interactive (upgrade)). I find a few things very annoying.

  1. I cannot save all my really nice project layouts and upload them to new clients.
  2. that you still cannot archive teams. (hugely important within agencies)
  3. You cannot yet share projects across companies (like tasks can belong to other projects, projects should be able to belong to other corporate logins) I work with agencies that share projects, often splitting the workload up. Very cumbersome to manage.

Still unfortunate oversights with Asana which could give other project planners room to encroach.

not really ready for a drop in solution:

@marie, lastly, Asana exports to JSON, so what is the code difficulty importing from one? Why have a 3rd party solution when one from Asana is only a few dev hours away? This really makes zero sense.

Another option you could look at is Unito There you can do a Asana to Asana sync.

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Thanks Paul, however, the point is, Asana exports in JSON format already and it would be VERY little dev effort to do the inverse.

I am looking to do the same thing, is there any updates since August 19th on this? Is Ditto the only option right now. It does appear to be not a huge lift to make that easily available with the save template tool.

I’m interested to know if there are any updates on this functionality of copying project templates between Asana Accounts? Thanks