Offboarding a client with an active project. Need to transfer it from my Asana to the client's Asana

I have built my client’s project in my paid Asana (on the business plan). I am not renewing the contract with this client and would like to transfer the Asana to his ownership so he can continue to manage the project on his end with minimal disruption.

I tested a CSV export, and that appears to work. However, while most the information in the description transferred, none of the comments on the cards came over.

I also need to know what to advise in terms of what plan he might need to purchase to ensure minimal disruption. He and his entire team are working in my Asana as invited guests. This is a small startup, so I would like to provide him with some ideas for keeping costs low. His team currently consists of 15 people.

Any advice on the best way to transfer ownership of this project and how to minimize costs associated with his assuming control of the project would be most appreciated.

Hey @Jodi_Williams,

yeah exactly you won‘t be able to export comments directly via Asana.

Maybe this helps: Export All Data from Asana - #9 by Pawel_Swiderski

And this integration seems to offer more export options as well.

Now regarding what plan your client should have it really depends how you had set up the project for him. Like for example if custom fields were set up then he would definitely need the premium plan and if you had rules also then business.

Now maybe he would not need to upgrade the organization but only a team.

Maybe there is another way to set up a separate team in your organization and then transfer it to the client. I recommend to contact Asana support to see if there are other options :slight_smile:



The de facto way to transfer workspaces is:

so I’d recommend setting up the new workspace as Andrea recommended but then using the tool after reading about it.



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