Transfer Team from one Asana account to another

Hi, I’ve spent some time reading the forum, but I’m not finding the answer I’m looking for, so here’s the issue:

I currently work at flex360, who owns the asana account I use. They have allowed me to use it for my volunteer projects. For that purpose, I have a “team” for each of these volunteer organizations and a few projects w/in each of those teams.

I’m starting my offboarding process with the company, so I need to transfer these teams and those boards to another account.

I’ve set up that account and have that email address as a member on both teams, but I can’t figure out how to actually move the teams + boards + people over to the other account.

Hi @Amanda_Potter_Cole, thanks for reaching out!

Workspaces and Organizations have hard barriers. In order to move a project to another space, you’ll need to create a new project in your chosen Workspace and Organization instead, and copy and paste task lists manually from the existing project to this new project.

You may wish to use this third-party integration. Ditto is a great tool for transferring Asana projects between spaces.

When it comes to Teams and users, you will need to create the Teams manually and invite the users to the new space.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


@Rebecca_McGrath, Could you update your post to Ditto instead of Kothar and use this link:

That’s the current version.



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I’ll check that out, too - thanks!

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Thank you! I’ll go that route!

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