Migrate all data from one account to another

Are there any new ways to move everything (tasks, projects, comments, files shared) from an old account to new account.
[I will be deactivating the old account post the transfer.]

So far, I came across ways like – Kothar (third party tool; moves projects), adding a second email to already existing account in profile settings etc. Links to these solutions are shared below –

I was wondering if Asana has come up with a better and more reliable method.


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Hi @Tanvi_Mittal and thank you for reaching out!

If you are trying to move your projects from one space to another, you could do so by exporting your Projects to a CSV file, then import the file into your new space. You can learn more about this process in the following Guide articles:

If you are trying to move your data from one account to another I would also suggest you to merge your accounts following the steps outlined here: https://asana.com/guide/help/fundamentals/accounts#gl-merge-accounts

Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!


Thanks Natalia for a quick and detailed response. I will try the methods suggested by you and share the experience.

I used Kathar to move everything from one workspace to another and it worked quite awesomely!!

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On more than one occasion, I’ve used the export-to-CSV feature and imported into another account and didn’t experience any problems.

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The problem with exporting and importing projects using CSV format is that although you get the structure and tasks (with description) of your project very seamlessly, comments and media files shared in the tasks are not exported/imported. @Natalia and @brian.johnson

I will try with Kothar now.

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@Tanvi_Mittal, You’re best off using https://ditto.kothar.net/ (even though it’s in Beta for a long time) than the original Kothar, according to the author of both.



I went ahead with merging the old account with my new email, creating a new workspace and then using Kothar https://ditto.kothar.net/ to shift projects from the old workspace to the new one. Thanks everyone for your valuable suggestions. Appreciate :slight_smile:

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Thanks Larry ! @lpb

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Quick Tip: Change your password immediately after using Kothar/Ditto.

How come? I’m not sure the password is even accessible to the app, the author @Kothar contributes here, and https://ditto.kothar.net/help/privacy is very thorough.


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@Tanvi_Mittal security of your account when using Ditto is something I’ve thought a lot about, and so I try to keep hold of as little data as possible (one reason why all data relating to a transfer is removed automatically after 36 hours).

Ditto uses an OAuth token to access Asana on your behalf, rather than a password. Ditto keeps that token around long enough to complete the transfer, but afterwards it’s deleted. If you are concerned about this you should de-authorize Ditto completely in your Asana account settings - I don’t think changing your password will make any difference, as Ditto will still be authorized as far as Asana is concerned.

I think good security ‘hygiene’ is an excellent habit - I know I have authorized loads of apps to access my Twitter account over the years for example, and it’s good to review these permissions and clear them out if you don’t plan on using the service again.

Of course let me know if you do have any concerns, but I’m glad you found Ditto useful!



I received a warning from Asana after I used Kothar/Ditto saying my password may be compromised and in use with a third party app. I interpreted it as “I must change my password after using Kothar”.

But thanks for sharing extra information regarding privacy policies. It is helpful.

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Thanks Mike. Highly appreciate the additional information about how Ditto works while trying to keep my data secure.

I was prompted with a warning from Asana saying my password may be compromised and in use with a third party app. The warning message also suggested me to change my password. (I am paraphrasing here). I interpreted the message as “I must change my Asana account password after using Ditto”.
I thought it may be plausible since I did log into Asana account through Ditto. Why do you think I would have received that warning?

Regardless, kudos for creating a great platform – makes the migration of data seamless and quick.

Appreciate your efforts.

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