Moving projects to a new ASANA account

OK - quick question everyone. I have an ASANA account with various teams / projects, and I’d like to move them to a different ASANA account. Is that possible?

Yes with Organise Asana Projects — Kothar Labs I think. Maybe Asana Support - Help Center • Asana can also help?

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I’m rather amateur when it comes to coding, or anything overly technical. Hopefully ASANA can support!

Did you have a look at the Kothar tool? It is too technical? You can also have a look at Asana Experts to find someone to help you.

Hey, @Matt_Douglas. I’m not very familiar with coding either, but I’ve used Kothar and it wasn’t technical at all. You should certainly try it.

Another option is to export projects as csv files, then re-import them to the other account. You can import most of the main task details, including custom fields.

Otherwise, Asana support can probably offer some advice.

Hope you get it sorted.


OK, thanks Marck!

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