Export Project / Import to New Workspace


How can I export or copy a project and then import it to a new workspace?



Hi @Kevin_Schmidt!

There isn’t a way to do this within Asana at this point but you can use this third party tool:


It allows you to sign in with Asana and then choose with project to move and which workspace to move it to.

You can also move multiple projects at a time.

It makes a copy so the project remains in the original workspace.

Does that help?


Also, there are quite a few other threads about https://asana.kothar.net. If you search the url within the community - there is discussion about data security and other users experience with the tool that might be helpful.


Thanks, I will take a look at it.

Kevin Schmidt


Thank you @Amy_Mitchell!

Question, do you think its possible to use https://asana.kothar.net/ to export a project and then import into a group? We are a small consultancy and have an old account with 15 workgroups (1 for each client project).

I want to re-structure to an organization (paid account) and re-create these workspaces as groups. And withing each groups I would have the projects.

I am hoping that kothar will help me avoid having to manually recreate these projects and associated tasks one-by one.



Hi @Pablo_Bressan! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

When you say groups, do you mean Teams?

If that’s the case - yes, I do think that it would be helpful. It allows you to choose which project(s) you want to go to a particular team.

It makes a copy of the project in the team you choose (after choosing the organization).

Does that make sense?


Hi @Amy_Mitchell. Yes, I meant teams :slight_smile: . And awesome news! Will post my results and comments after I am done with my migration. Thanks you!


Perfect! Maybe try doing one project to start, just so you can see how it copies. :slight_smile: