Copying templates across organisations/ workspaces

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I’m a registered Asana Certified Pro, and help clients implement Asana.
I have created my own DEMO environment in which I created a bunch of my own project template examples. Now my question is if it’s somehow possible to copy my project templates to my clients’ workspace or organisation?

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Hi @AnneNynke, You should be able to use the excellent ,



Actually there are two tools, Kothar which has been a lifesaver to many in the Community including myself and my company Stratelyze latest release Sendana Add described in this thread Sendana Add- A Novel Way to Add and/or Transfer Projects and Tasks In Mass I did not develop for duplicity but rather added great flexibility as to what you want to add and the ability to do the entire project as well as tasks only. It also provides audit trails when receiving organization does not have custom fields set up for a project or memberships. One or the other or both should meet your needs.

Thanks, @James_Carl, I didn’t mean to leave out the exciting Sendana Add which has some great, unique features, but I was under the impression that Kothar might be more comprehensive for the specific use case of a complete copy of a project. It would be great to see a table of differences to know which to use when. Maybe some are more obscure (subtasks of subtasks of tasks), or comments-as-comment-history, but they might be key depending on the nature of the project and nature of use (e.g., want a complete backup of a complex project, or just want the basics for a simpler project). I know this is probably time-consuming to do, though… Thanks!

Both have complete full project copy capabilities. The features of Sendana Add are listed in the thread. Mike (Kothar) has and will continue to provide a great product for the Asana Community. I reached out to Mike immediately when by coincidence only I released Sendana Add and he announced version 2 work on Kothar. We had a great conversation. The fact of the matter is that we have both been avid advocates of Asana and the Community and have often spent our own monies and time to provide for the overall good of the Community. We both have documentation on our respective websites of the features and use of our products . Mike has provided a wonderful tool for many years with great results. I have used it a number of times. Sendana Add is still in a public beta test also. So in conclusion I think we both hope to serve the Community as needs arise to allow users to accomplish what Asana may not have addressed at any point in time… And their will continue to be third party integrations and Asana written solutions that may intersect but most developers are never going to become rich off of providing solutions, they more often than not see a need and try to fill it. Thanks

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Hi @AnneNynke :wave:t3:

Looks like you have two great options there; let us know which one was the most useful to you :slight_smile:

Marking this one resolved :white_check_mark: Thank to both @lpb and @James_Carl for your help!

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