Transfer Templates to a new Workspace/Organization?

Was looking at Ditto, it seems like it will copy everything over it can including tasks. I simply just want to copy/paste a project, the “fields” with all it’s dropdowns and options and perhaps the sections, but not the tasks or collaborators or teams. basically just a template. How do I export and import a template from one org to another?

I’d recommend you:

  1. Use Asana’s Duplicate command (in the Project menu), check the boxes to choose which aspects to copy, and get the shell of your project set up that way in the same source workspaces
  2. User Ditto to copy this shell project (not the original) to the destination workspace.

The two parts are because Asana does part one well, while Ditto does part two well.

See also the caveats in Ditto. For example, it will copy custom fields, but note the fine points at Ditto - Custom Fields.

Hope that helps,


Dear Larry, that sounds great, however I tried to do that, I unchecked all boxes to duplicate including “All tasks” and it still copies every task over. Bug?

Yes, I think so. Follow this for updates:


thank you @lpb in the meantime I guess I can just select all and delete and just keep the sections and fields, which is really all I wanted to copy over to the new org.

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@lpb one more question if I may. I used Ditto and tried to transfer a project. It failed because I don’t have the proper authority in the destination org. Do I need to have a paid email domain in both orgs assigned to my profile in order for that to work? for example:
Org1 (source): (paid domain)-also is associated.
org2 (destination): is currently associated, do I need to associate or do I need to have them create me a email which is a paid domain name in the new org?

btw I also tried to create a new project using a template, it also created all the tasks with it. it’s not really a template if it creates an exact copy of the original project, no?

See Which account should I use with Ditto in Ditto - Frequently Asked Questions.

Re Templates: See the doc in the Asana Guide, and here in the Forum, for limitations. Some prefer the exact copy it makes so you can “seed” projects with common tasks. Most don’t appreciate that assigned tasks in templates appear like all other assigned tasks in regular projects (as actionable). I’m afraid that’s just how it works.


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