How to move large projects from one Organization to a new workspace?

Hi! Anyone have any suggestions on “exporting” projects from one account into a new account? We’ve had a separation with our company and we want some things into a new workspace and I’m having problems getting the projects to go to a new space. Thanks!

Hey Alison
you might want to have a look here where a user already explained how this can be achieved Moving Projects Between Workspaces/Organizations

The downside is that attachments, comments won‘t be moved.

I have also found another tool that says they can transfer projects over to a new workspace, never tested so not sure if that works.

I guess contacting Asana might be good as they can probably assist


Ditto is what most of us recommend. A third-party tool that even Asasa recommends for this purpose:



Thanks! I’ve looked through some previous posts and still don’t feel like this will achieve what I’d like. Especially if it doesn’t move comments and attachments. That’s the largest part is that I want all of the history to move along with the projects and tasks. Thanks for your help!

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Yeah I agree it is not the most ideal solution.
Have not yet tried thr third party tool that Ibp suggested but maybe that works better.

Ditto really is the best solution in almost all cases of copying to another workspace.

It does support comments and attachments with a few limitations:


Hi there! Quick question. After transferring files via Ditto is it safe to delete it from its original location or will that delete the project in both places? Thanks for any help you can provide :slight_smile:

The original and copy are not tethered in any way.

But delete the original only if you’re confident you have everything you need in the copy, recognizing that Ditto discloses clearly (Ditto - Asana Features Supported by Ditto and linked pages there) there are some things not copied or not copied exactly, and some settings that are part of the UI and remain in the original only.

Hope that helps,


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