Alpha Testers Wanted!


So, plenty of people have asked for new features or improvements to the ‘Kothar copy tool’ over the years, some of which I have not been able to address due to the way the tool works.

For about 3 years I’ve been working on a new version, and have finally found time to push towards getting something ready for people to use.

I’m now looking for a couple of people to alpha test, so if you’re interested then reply or DM me. Specifically, I would not yet say this is ready to use for important projects - it’s safe and doesn’t modify any existing data (the same as the old tool) but may not copy everything correctly yet.

Hopefully I’ll be opening it up as a public beta in March.

Thanks to everyone who’s ever sent their support for the project, or bug reports and feature ideas. I’m still amazed how popular the tool has been :blush:



Hey @Kothar, nice to meet you!

I’m Matt, and I’m on the Developer Relations team here at Asana. I don’t know if you’re aware, but our user operations and customer success teams here at Asana often recommend and use your tool to help customers when they need to migrate data between workspaces! It’s come in super handy for helping our users when they ask for this.

We may get more and more of the team who have used Kothar (which we call it for short :wink:) to join this thread - I messaged the team about this :arrow_up: and they’re excited to learn more. For now, let me intro you to @Lawrence_Han, a PM here at Asana, and @Cesar_Jesena on our user operations team. They have expressed interest in seeing what’s up with version 2 and can provide feedback from the Asana team! Cheers!


Hi Matt, Lawrence, Cesar,

I am very flattered that the tool has been so popular :slight_smile:
Any feedback on the new version would be very much appreciated, and I have some questions I wanted to run past you before it went live in any case.

I’ll PM you with details to access the new application :+1:



For anyone finding this topic later, I’ve now released the tool for open testing. Thank you to everyone who helped with the alpha testing and unearthed the many bugs that were still lurking.

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