New Developer Documentation launching soon. Try the Beta today!

Asana will soon be launching a dramatically updated version of our Developer Documentation. The updates will include:

  • A new navigation structure with a clear split between guide content and API reference content
  • An updated top navigation with a link to the App Directory, Forum, and Developer Console (“My apps”)
  • Separate pages for each section instead of an infinite scroll
  • The ability to “try” API calls on the same page as the reference material with support for multiple languages and a quick start using a Personal Access Token
  • Schema information listed on the object reference instead of in a separate section. For example, click “Projects” in API Reference for the Project schema
  • An updated Search experience
  • A :+1: or :-1: for feedback on each page

UPDATE January 25th, 2023: The docs are live! Visit to check it out

Feedback link:

Thanks for building with Asana! Stay tuned for more updates :]

Andrew Wong, Developer Advocate


This is excellent!

I have been using it with early access for the past several weeks (and providing feedback) and you have done a wonderful job.

I encourage everyone to run it through its paces and provide feedback.

Congratulations and thanks for all the improvements,



Same here, works great :slight_smile:


Ditto - it’s a BIG upgrade from the older developer docss!