Introducing Asana's new developer documentation!

Hello Asana Community!

We’re excited to share that we’ve recently launched a dramatically updated version of Asana’s public API developer documentation! The developer documentation includes API reference content, guides for getting started, and new features to help developers build apps to integrate with other tools, customize workflows, and extend the power of Asana.

You can access the new developer documentation here:

New developer documentation features:

  • An improved docs structure with distinct sections for:
    • Guides: Contextual information, guides, and tutorials regarding API usage
    • API references: A comprehensive reference for objects, schemas, and endpoints available in the API
  • A top-level navbar with quick access to the App Directory, Forum, and the Developer Console
  • Separate pages for each article in documentation (rather than all documentation on a single, long page)
  • An in-context, easy-to-use API explorer built into the API reference – just add your personal access token and begin making API calls right away!
  • Schema information listed directly on the object reference itself (e.g. Users)
  • An updated Search experience
  • A :+1: or :-1: for feedback on each page

As we continue to improve the developer experience, we’d love to hear your feedback! Feel free to leave us a note using this form. Please visit our Developers & API category for all updates on our developer platform.

Thank you for building with Asana!