Is there a way to duplicate an account (as a structure template) and assign it to a new email?

I work as a brand & marketing consultant for multiple clients. I have created an Asana project management framework that I would like to duplicate for use with a new client. I do not wish to carry across the users just the framework and assign it to a new email. Is there a way to do this?

You’ll have to export projects one by one I believe and import them again… @James_Carl any idea?

Thank you for the response.

Export as CSV? Then upload?

Actually you’d rather make a copy of your projects and move them using You can also ask me to create a private template on so you can load them with a single click anytime you need.

Magic! Thank you so much for your responses.

3 Likes didn’t work for me… showed my three accounts but didn’t allow me to copy to or from anywhere.

Did you have an error message of some sort?