Question Regarding transferring templates between accounts

I’ve had a free Asana account for years, and I see now that many of the features I have been using for a long time now require me to upgrade to a paid account for continued use. That said, I have no need for a paid personal account so I have set one up for my business. Now I’d like to be able to transfer the templates Ive created in my personal account into my paid business account. How do I do this?

Have a look at Organise Asana Projects — Kothar Labs

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Hey @Felicia_Pagesh! The solution offered by @Bastien_Siebman is definitely the easiest. One thing though, Kothar will copy the content of your templates, but you’ll have to set the new project as a template again (How to Use Asana Project Templates | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide) as Kothar won’t transfer the “Template” status. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


This is AMAZING! Thank you SO much!