Exporting Projects to JSON or CSV With Rules

When exporting to JSON or CSV the rules don’t carry over.

Any reason why?

Because that feature has not been implemented. @Emily_Roman will move the request to the right category if it does not exist yet.

typical developer LOL :wink:

It needs to be as exporting is HORRIBLE! Almost useless really.

As a typical me, I’ll disagree and say that I’d rather have that “partial” export feature now, rather than not having anything :slight_smile:

And I don’t really expect a CSV export to have anything else than project data. Otherwise, if you store rules in the last row or something, you need to adapt all the other tools to ignore the last row somehow for example.

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I have clients, as you do as well, that I do the asana set up, as well as a client that is going to have asana clients. (I’m setting up his asana so as part of his email marketing to clients, he’ll have templates ready to roll out)

We need the ability to create templates that FULLY export to another org.

Part of my gig is setting up projects for clients. I would LOVE to have a full set of templates on my end and simply add them to their org as part of my services. This is a bit hard to do when everything doesn’t transfer over.

I am hoping that asana helps me to help their clients better moving forward.

I would love to have it as well. And yet, Templana is still the #1 solution to distribute templates, and has been for years :slight_smile:


I agree, all this should be much easier. Until then…

You’re aware of Ditto, right?:

Rules are not even supported in the API yet I think, unfortunately, so Ditto doesn’t support those. It does a good job of conveying exactly what you get at Ditto - Asana Features Supported by Ditto


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Dear asana, there will come a point that if the base software doesn’t do what is at least common in the industry, said software will become obsolete.


If you haven’t seen the Asana vision video, I recommend watching it - what you’re asking for here sounds exactly like the upcoming Workflow Store.

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Yes, but I don’t want a store, but rather to offer these templates myself to clients as a package.


We can hope that the Store will have that type of a private option, but we’ll just have to wait and see…

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THAT would be awesome Phil!

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Hi all! I’ve moved this thread to the. #productfeedback category please don’t forget add your votes. I’ll let you know as soon as I have any news about this feature. Thanks for your feedback!

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